3D Wave Transmission Radome

3D Wave Transmission Radomes made with 3D glass fabric,own excellent wave transmission performance and good structure mechanical properties as follows:

Excellent wave transmission performance: dielectric constant 2±0.2,tangent loss 0.006~0.008;good broadband design,different from traditional material wave transmission,the 3D radome belongs to  structure wave transmission which breaks the limitation of material wave transmission,greatly improving the electromagnetic radiation loss of traditional radome.

Resistance to delamination and stripping: integral structure makes it great advantage in resistance to delamination and anti-stripping comparing with traditional sandwich and honeycomb material.

Stable and controllable forming process: with vacuum infusion process,the resin content is uniform,layer thickness is under control,product consistency is good.

Good adhesion:advanced in curved surface connection,overcame the corner prone to mechanical properties of the defect,and enhance the product surface connection strength and resistance to vibration.

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