Anne Berthereau, Vice President of Owens Corning, USA, visited our institute

On October 13th, Dr. Anne Berthereau, Vice President of Oswens Corning Materials, led the Asia Pacific R & D team to visit our institute. Chairman of the hospital Zhao Qian, overseas marketing director Wu Yaochun and the hospital quality inspection center director Wang Jiaqing and relevant functional departments to participate in the exchange of talks.

Dr. Anne and his entourage visited the exhibition room, and expressed admiration for our achievements in promoting the development of fiberglass industry and the diversification of glass fiber materials. At the symposium, Dr. Anne also introduced Owens Corning's innovation in R & D and customer needs, and shared the company's efforts to promote in-house collaborative innovation with iLab systems and forward-looking research platforms for composites The Zhao Qian, chairman of the new materials business R & D investment and R & D team scientific management and other content and Dr. Anne had a warm exchange, and heard the Owens Corning related experience introduced.

Dr. Anne was impressed by the advanced equipment, professional team and achievements in international standardization when visiting our National Center for Fiberglass Quality Supervision and Inspection. The two sides also exchanged views on the content of common interest such as glass recycling, new application development of glass fiber and optimization of composite material detection methods.

After the exchange, Dr. Anne said that this visit was very successful, a lot of gains, not only a comprehensive understanding of the South China Institute, but also through the two sides frank exchange found innovative cooperation opportunities for composite materials. The two sides hope that in the future to continue to maintain in-depth communication and joint efforts to promote the advantages of both sides can play a collaborative project for the global glass industry to contribute to sustainable development and environmental friendliness.

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