high-strength glass fiber key technology system and core equipment project results successfully identified.

July 16, China Building Materials Federation held in Nanjing organized by the Nanjing Science and Technology Institute of glass glass to complete the "series of high-strength glass fiber key technology system and core equipment research and development" project appraisal will be. Chairman Zhao Qian, General Manager Chen Shijie, Deputy General Manager Yu Shoufu, special fiber business unit vice president and chief engineer Zuqun, hospital science and technology development department and project team and other related personnel participated in the results appraisal meeting. The appraisal committee was composed of nine experts from Wuhan Institute of Technology, Academician Jiang Desheng and Academician Chen Xiangbao of Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials. The conference also invited three users of Aerospace Hospital, Hebei Yanxing Machinery and Hefei Institute of Plasma Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The appraisal committee listened to the work report, the research report and the social and economic benefit analysis report and the user's application report made by the project team, reviewed the relevant materials and examined the production site. The main technical level of the project is internationally advanced, among which the core equipment and the comprehensive performance of some products have reached the international leading level.

Project independent research and development success with both high tensile strength and high modulus of glass fiber composition, in order to achieve straightforward melting one-step stable production laid the foundation for the invention of the epoxy emulsion for the film-forming agent-specific enhanced wetting agent series The invention has realized the high-strength glass fiber technology and the application performance of the good match; invented the high-strength glass large-capacity deep pool melting technology and equipment, to overcome the large-capacity glass melting and fiber forming problems; invented the modular high-strength glass fiber Straightforward drawing process and equipment, to solve the multi-species high-strength glass fiber flexible manufacturing problems, to achieve a series of high-strength glass fiber short process, high efficiency, high-quality manufacturing.

The project has been authorized 33 patents, including 17 invention patents; revised national military standard 2, published a book; launched a series of high-strength glass fiber products, to achieve large-scale production; HS6 high strength glass fiber performance is better than similar products The Series of products are widely used in ITER international scientific engineering and other military, civilian areas. The project achievements to achieve the upgrading of high-strength glass fiber production technology, to promote high-performance glass fiber industry, technological progress, to achieve China's key basic raw material independent protection is of great significance, social and economic benefits significantly.

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